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Pet City Joondalup provide pets and pet products. Whether it's pet advice, pet supplies or new pets to take home we are here to help. As well as providing quality pets and pet supplies our site provides helpful advice and resources to keep you better informed so that you and your pets are well looked after. From pet care sheets and videos of cute puppies, kittens, birds and reptiles to information on rabbits turtles frogs and Amphibians we have got you covered. There are many helpful info guides and pet references for all of the pets we keep at Pet City stores from coldwater goldfish, marine and tropical fish to frogs, birds, turtles and bearded dragons. With rich info on habitat care and feeding of your pets Pet City takes pride in providing you with as much information as possible to help make you the best most informed pet owner possible. Of course our stores carry a wide range of pet foods, supplies and animal medications for all of your pets needs.
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Pet City has a new website dedicated to all of our 8 stores across Perth where you can find information on the Pets and Pet Products we stock. As well as keeping you informed about various pet tips tricks and information such as pet care and health we will also keep you informed and up to date about what is going on in our Perth based pet stores. Our Main site is intended to assist all Pet City customers in providing quality pet care and fulfilling the needs and requirements of domesticated animals while also letting our customers know about the current range of pets, pet products and prices including new puppies, kittens, frogs, reptiles, small animals, birds and fish available right now at Pet City Joondalup and each of the Pet City Stores found across Perth Western Australia.



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